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Home improvement projects come with a lot of questions and concerns. You as the customer want to be informed before taking the plunge on such a big investment. Here at Window World of Westchester, we welcome all your questions because we want you to feel as comfortable as possible with the process. 

We have compiled some of our most frequently asked questions: 

Q: What types of payment methods and financing do you offer?

A: We offer many payment methods and financing options to make your project as affordable as possible. Call us to learn more. 

Q: Will you install my replacement windows from the inside or outside?

A: For the most part, we install them from the outside; however, some situations require us to install from the inside. Your installation expert will be able to tell you which method will be used, after assessing your unique situation.

Q: Do you install replacement windows year round? Will I lose a lot of heat/cooling when you perform the installation?

A: Yes, we install windows year round. It only takes about a day. We typically install one window at a time and are trained to minimize heating/cooling loss. 

Q: What can I do to prepare my house for my replacement windows?

A: We ask that you remove curtains, blinds, and other window treatments. Ask your security company to turn off security sensors. Please make a clear path to all windows for our installation experts. We ask that you also remove all wall decorations near the windows because they may fall during removal or installation.

Q: How long will it take to get my replacement windows? How long does it take for installation?

A: Generally, we can install replacement windows within four to eight weeks from the date your final measurements are taken. The type of window that you have chosen to install, as well as the type of window being removed, will determine how much time is needed to complete the job. It usually takes about 30 minutes per window, with trim work and cleanup requiring additional time.

Q: What type of warranty do I get with my windows?

A: Window World of Westchester replacement windows come with a limited lifetime warranty. 

Q: What do you do with my old windows?

A: After we install your new replacement windows, we remove all the old windows from your property, disposing of them properly. Tell the crew if you wish to keep your old windows.

Q: What if there is a problem with the windows?

A: Most issues are easily corrected and don’t always mean there is a problem with your window. We will work with you to resolve any and all issues, although problems are rare.

Operation & Maintenance

Congratulations on your new Window World windows. A few quick tips are all you need to know to get lots of enjoyment from your purchase for years to come.

Operating Double-Hung & Single-Hung Windows

Your Double-Hung or Single-Hung windows feature either one or two tilt-in sash for easy cleaning and servicing. The basics of operating your windows are described below:

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Moving Sash

  1. Make sure the window is unlocked (the lock(s) should be turned to the right)
  2. For the bottom sash: pull up on the lift rail (located at the foot of the sash)
  3. For the top sash in Double-Hungs: pull down on the lift rail (located at the head of the sash)

Tilting In Sash

  1. Unlock the window (locks should be turned to the right)
  2. Lift the bottom sash about half way up
  3. Using both hands, slide the catch mechanisms (located on the top of the sash outside the lock(s)) towards the center of the window
  4. Tilt the sash towards you
  5. Rest the sash on the sill
  6. To place the sash back in the frame, tilt it toward the frame until the catches snap back into place on both sides

With a Double-Hung window, the top sash can also be tilted in. To do so, first tilt in the bottom sash, following steps 1-5 above. Then:

  1. Lower the top sash about half way
  2. Using both hands, slide the catch mechanisms (located on the top of the sash on the uppermost-face) towards the center of the window
  3. Tilt the sash towards you

Locking Your Window

  1. First, check to make sure the lock(s) are in the unlocked position, that is, turned to the right
  2. With a Double-Hung window, make sure the top sash is firmly pushed all the way to the top of the frame
  3. Push down on the bottom sash to ensure it’s all the way at the bottom of the frame
  4. Turn the lock(s) to the left

Operating Sliding Windows

The basics of operating your new sliding windows are described below:

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Sliding the Sash

  1. Make sure the window is unlocked (the locks should be turned up)
  2. Pull the sash to the right or left, depending on how you want the window to open

Locking Your Window

  1. First, check to make sure the lock(s) are in the unlocked position, that is, turned up
  2. Make sure the slider is fully shut: both sash should be firmly pushed into their right-most and left-most positions
  3. Turn the lock(s) down to the locked position

Maintenance Best Practices

Once your new windows are installed, you’ll want to care for them so that they’ll continue to look great for years to come. Help them stay good as new by following the tips below.

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Best Practices:

  • A minimum semi-annual cleaning is recommended
  • For the frame and sash, start with just water and a soft cloth. If necessary, you can use a mild cleaner
  • If lubrication is needed, use a silicone spray
  • Screens can be cleaned easily with the soft brush accessory of a vacuum
  • Tracks can be washed with a small, stiff nylon brush, then wiped down with a soft cloth. It is important to ensure that the tracks are free of dirt, leaves, sand, grease, and other outdoor elements as they can be ground into the vinyl tracks when the sash are operated
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions


  1. Power washers or high-pressure sprays; the force of the liquid could damage the caulking around the window, which ensures water-tightness
  2. Liquid grease remover, strong soaps and detergents containing organic solvents, nail polish, paint remover, furniture polish, or cleaners containing chlorine bleach, as these substances are potentially damaging to the surface of the vinyl
    • *Even mildly abrasive cleaners like Soft Scrub can scratch the surface of the glass or Window frame: avoid the use of any abrasive agent
  3. Sharp objects during the cleaning process
  4. Oil-based spray lubricants such as WD-40, as they attract dirt
  5. Painting or varnishing vinyl windows

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